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Here's the deal...
- Podcasts are one of the fastest growing AND still drastically untapped markets for growing & connecting with an audience. As of June 2022, podcast listeners numbered 383.7 million globally. This number is on track to GROW to 424 million listeners across the world by the end of 2022 (& up to 464.7 million listeners by the end of 2023.) That is CA-RAZY! (Data from Statista)

- Podcast hosts are ALWAYS looking for great content! Yep, the best podcasts discuss super relevant topics, examine new trends & opportunities, & tell wonderful, memorable stories. BUT it is hard work doing that all on your own. Much better to collaborate with others & leverage their expertise to develop great material.

- Don't forget: 2 heads are better than 1! Hearing 2 or more people dialog, tell stories & crack jokes is almost always more engaging than just 1 person monologuing about life. 

PLUS... check this out:

38% of podcast listeners purchase products mentioned in podcasts!

(from 2017 Statista report)


Let's get your product on a podcast, yo! 

This is your chance, friend! You don't want to sleep on this opportunity. It's time to tell your story & I am so honored to support you in that!

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• The Top 30+ Catholic Podcasts To Help You Build Relationships, Get Visible & Build Your Audience

Save hours of your time with this list that already includes names, links, & contact info for the top podcasts in the industry that actually feature guests. Now you know WHO to talk to, WHAT they talk about, WHY you are important to their audience & HOW to get yourself featured.

• Get Booked Podcast Pitch Template

Collaborate with movers & shakers in the field with this email template because we all know the strongest marketing is built on relationships. (Think of ALLLLL the doors this opens for future collaborations too! Honestly, just 1 interview could change the whole game for you!)

•  How To Cold Pitch Mini-Training

Share your passionate message with the people you really want to help. We already know your message & your offers are incredible. You just need to SHARE THEM with more people! This mini-training will empower you to confidently make new connections WITHOUT the icky sleaze factor.

      Everything else you need to know...

      Does this get me automatic bookings?

      These tools & tutorials are designed to save you time but taking action will still come down to you. Lucky for you, this gives you the elements to make it happen & cut through the overthinking!

      I’m a small business owner/author/ministry leader/entrepreneur/maker. Is this product for me? 

      YES! This is for anyone who offers services or products in the Catholic faith formation or lifestyle niche. The podcasts range across various audiences such as parents, recent converts, diocese & parish formation staff, lay catechists, single people & even a few radio shows for a general Catholic audience. 

      Is everything available immediately? 

      Yes, as soon as you purchase, you will receive an email in your inbox with immediate access to the swipe file, the template & the mini-training. So you can jump right in! Plus, everything is designed to be super actionable. That way you can literally apply everything immediately!

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      🔥The Top 30+ Catholic Podcasts To Pitch to Build Relationships, Get Visible & Grow Your Audience


      🔥BONUS! Get Booked Podcast Pitch Template

      🔥BONUS! Cold Pitch Mini-Training

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